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Dental Handpieces With Serious Star Power

DentalEZ puts the power of smart design in your hands with cutting-edge handpieces by StarDental. Our handpieces are designed to provide ample power and exceptional control for fast, precise results in every procedure. And now they’re an even smarter choice with digital tracking by Aeras.

Diamond Burs

Our diamond burs are engineered to last longer and provide better results, with multiple grits to cover a range of dental procedures.

Electric Handpieces

Lightweight and powerful, our electric handpieces deliver plenty of torque and smooth operation for speed and precision.

Fiber Optics

Compact and adaptable, our fiber optic system makes it easy to add a fiber optic controller and tubing to any dental unit.

Hand Instruments

These simple workhorses of the operatory bear the hallmarks of StarDental’s thoughtful, ergonomic designs and durable construction.

High-Speed Handpieces

Our high-speed handpieces deliver up to 40 pounds of torque — and they’ll even tell you where they’ve been and how they’re doing.

Hygiene Handpieces

With ergonomic designs and lightweight construction, our hygiene handpieces reduce operator fatigue and take the stress out of cleanings.


Give your patients the benefit of accurate, early cancer screening quickly and cost-effectively with Indentafi.

Low-Speed Handpieces

Our low-speed handpieces and angles are suited for a range of dental procedures, with simple lube-free operation and better performance under load.